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What do I put?

somebeatlemaniacnamednatalie said: Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this along to 10 of your favorite followers! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Thanks for asking! :) 

1. I love animals

2. I have around 5 pets and a fish tank

3. My favourite colours are red and black, preferably together

4. I like to draw a lot

5. I nearly always wear wristbands

6. I like tea

7. I’m having trouble remembering things about myself right now

8. I really enjoy editing pictures on GIMP

9. I’m sarcastic and it takes time to get my jokes

10. I like antiques and stuff


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I’m impressed by Penny’s argument

can the show just be the three of them

the show should be just the three of them

I honestly think the show with these three would be amazing

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"Shut your mouth before I shoot you down, old boy"

"Shut your mouth before I shoot you down, old boy"

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I just tried this on my husband but I said “What do you eat a spoon with” i’m so fucking dumb

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